Our creative team

Meet people who are behind the FarFromform concept.



Katarzyna Bukowska-Wcisło

In design, she strives for intuitiveness of use. Her projects, regardless of whether they are graphics, space or industrial design, are characterized by simplicity and attention to detail. 

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Izabela Brola-Cieśluk

She seeks harmony in design. One rhythm that is the common denominator for her projects. It gives unique features to simple forms, and synthesizes rich structures. She want to bring projects closer to the user and their needs.

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MMebel Mariusz Minicki

Our team consists of highly qualified designers who welcome challenges such as non-typical projects and interiors that are difficult to arrange. They are able to convert them into a state-of-the-art, well planned and handily equipped business premises, which will make your work more efficient, and thus more profitable.

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